Summer is upon us all.

Need I say more?

Finals, and tests, and papers, and stress. Oh my, college days are fun. But not as fun as what is ahead in the upcoming months of sweltering bliss.

Dare I even apologize for the lack of posts?!

Keep checking back, more luxeeee is coming soon!




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This past weekend the Orlando sun was bright, full, and thirstyy. Throwing on my breezy Aztec printed maxi and homemade bracelets,I soaked up the fabulous weather with a few of my favorite people.   The local art festival was booming with national treasures, and the park downtown was perfect for a nap with my love.

Sometimes it can be so difficult to relax. The hustle of everyday life, classes, and even blogging can creep up on you and make you forget that RELAXATION is key for SUCCESS.

So to all those luxe lovers, don’t forget to sit in the sun, soak it in, and breathe.

Life is beautiful, don’t forget to enjoy it!



Apologies for the hiatus, Spring Break fever was upon us alllllll.

Here’s some instagram fun.

Ladies, pull up those long locks and have some fun and flaunt those buns.



LUXE & Tumblr

Follow the luxe ladiesssssss.



My obsession? Colorful, delectable, candy colored tubes of lipsticks.

Dare a little ladies, and be confident in shades of pure femininity.

My personal faves, MAC & Revlon! Pack it on, hit the town, and pucker up. 



Some things are too beautiful for words. What a beautiful kaleidoscope of glamorous luxe.

(LEYLANIE HERE) So yes I am a sucker for love as you would imagine, and my honey surprised me with these amazing little gifts. I thought I would share the sweet message that was placed inside the card…might make your heart melt ❤

Our Love is a Miracle….That is the only way I can explain it. God sent you to me to change my life — and to show me that real love, real love, makes all the difference. You are God’s miracle in my life, and  I love you with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ 

Kisses & Cookies.

Love is in the airrrrrrrr. Give some of these cheesy lines a go, maybe you might just get some kisses and/or cookies.


-Baby you must be a broom, because you swept me off my feet!

-If I could rewrite the alphabet I would put U and I together

-You’re like dandruff, I can’t get you out of my head.

-Is there an airport nearby, or is that just my heart taking off?

From the luxe ladies, Happy Valentine’s Day our beautiful friends.

Sexy Back

S.A.B. Back is usually a direction us dreamers avoid. MOVE FORWARD is what “they” always say. There is something so beautifully rebellious in capturing THE BACK. Literally,  the angle, the light, the perspective of the blissfully unaware victim as they walk, paint, hug, and enjoy a moment. The intensity that builds up when seeing what exists on the other side of the painting, the picture, the face…the intense wonder of that first glance. I am in love with the mystery of the moments where leaning towards the past and what is behind you can be magical, dream like almost. Capturing people in their blissfully content state of mind, invisible to the lens of the camera. Somehow, I like the feel from the back.

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